Test Your Writing Skills


Read each sentence below.

1. Click on the arrow of the drop-down box.
2. Choose the correct answer.
3. Answer all the questions.


Top Tip
You can change
your answers
as often as you like

1. There is an underground maze beneath Liverpool's Edge hill area.
2. My brother and i have been offered jobs in the same city.
3. Your going to have a great time at the show.
4. The discount items listed on our invoice.
5. We go to the markets every saturday morning.
6. Her parents had paid her university fees.
7. Do you know who's coming with us?
8. Both of them swum faster than their previous best times.
9. This is rugby at it's best.
10. There are two distinct advantages; price and durability.
11. The last presidents' jacket was designed by Yves St Laurent.
12. Either the manufacturer or the retailer are responsible for recalling the goods.
13. The instructor said "If you give me your hand, I'll help you up."
14. Jane Smith, who was in our class at college is now a city councillor.
15. The menu was in Japanese, the waiter translated it.
16. Can you read this? (part of speech)
17. They havn't come back from their holiday yet.
18. What is the correct abbreviation for millimetre?
19. We borrowed all these books from the library. (part of speech).
20. The whole family went to hear manic street preachers at Knebworth House.
21. Look out! Your pants are on fire!
22. His supervisor noticed he had difficulty in calculating ratios.
23. Steven King Publishing Ltd had vacancies for three apprentices.
24. One of our staff members scored 100% in the test. (subject word and verb)
25. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn.