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What will I learn?

Welcome to Better English: A Better Future™ 

...and your opportunity to improve your writing skills.

This UK-based course is:  

  • scientifically structured for easy learning 
  • self-paced 
  • interactive 
  • user-friendly for all ages and levels of ability 
  • a unique, simple yet powerful tool encouraging you to move towards better communication practices.

Better English: A Better Future™  covers all the key competencies for successful business writing.

In this programme you’ll discover the keys to successful writing.
You will learn for example where (and where not) to put capitals, commas, and the apostrophe. You will also learn common sentence structures. To make it easier for you, these important basic technical terms will be explained: verb, noun, proper noun and pronoun.

When you do the exercises you will get instant feedback on your answers, so you know immediately whether you are right or wrong. This allows your brain to make rapid adjustments, making your progress easier and more efficient. As you move through the programme, your learning will be reinforced as you go, which increases the effectiveness of your learning and gets it into your long-term memory.

Here are some screen shots which show you how easy our programme is to use.


"It has helped me especially with verbs, nouns, and pronouns. I used to get confused, and now I know the difference. I also liked the pictures. I would love to do this programme at school. I really enjoyed taking the tests and I'm sure my friends would too."                                                                                                                      

Why is writing well so important?

Written language is different from spoken language. When you speak you use such things as tone of voice, feedback, and body language to help get your message across. When you are in conversation, you can recognise if the other person doesn’t quite get your full meaning – maybe they frown or they ask you to explain.

Written communication is different. People can’t see or hear you. Good writing depends on getting your structure and punctuation correct. These are the “body language” of writing so they are important, especially in business where:

  • time is money 
  • people judge you by how you write 
  • how you write is a reflection of you and your company 
  • how you write could be holding you back in your job prospects 
  • many people say that they would not do business with companies that have poorly written emails or documents.

Your computer’s spelling and grammar checks can help, but they don’t recognise everything. For example the sentence below is not seen as needing correction –

I went they’re and my friends were their.

Quite clearly this sentence doesn’t make sense, but spell check would not suggest any replacements.

These are some of the reasons you need good writing skills: 

1. English is the accepted language for business communication world-wide. 

2. Your thoughts need to be understood the first time around by those reading your: 

    • telephone messages 
    • emails 
    • memos and business letters 
    • sales reports 
    • instruction manuals 
    • other business documents.

3. Mastery of these writing skills will give you: 

    • better self-expression 
    • more time 
    • reduced stress 
    • confidence 
    • more respect 
    • better prospects for your company 
    • greatly increased chances of success in your career.

Writing well is a skill that lasts a lifetime. Better English: A Better Future™  puts the keys to this skill in your hands.

"This programme is one that would suit learners who are able to work independently setting their own pace and also a resource that can complement lessons and reinforce literacy teaching."


Press Articles
Press Articles
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